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Professional Investor - Netherlands
Alternative Investment Solutions Van Lanschot Kempen

Alternative Investment Solutions

Control in a complex environment

Institutional investors now have a seemingly endless choice of alternative assets; liquid and illiquid, tangible and intangible, mainstream and increasingly esoteric. And while choice is fundamentally a good thing, the increased governance and risk-management burden that comes with this level of complexity can deter investors from embracing the full potential that these assets offer.

Our new consultancy-led service has been created to address this issue, offering highly tailored portfolio solutions within a robust governance framework – Alternative Investment Solutions (AIS).

Optimising alternatives

A new consultancy-led service offering tailored advice within a robust governance framework

Why Alternatives?

1. Enhancing returns

🗸 Harvest an illiquidity premium
🗸 Most alternative investments have an Income component and stable cashflows
🗸 Often a claim on physical assets, indirectly related to inflation compensation

2. Improving diversification

🗸 Less sensitive to market corrections
🗸 Diverse set of risk/return drivers compared to traditional investments
🗸 Wider opportunity set

3. Embedding sustainability

🗸 Influence and control over sustainability factors
🗸 ESG integration possible throughout the supply chain
🗸 Impact Investing

Challenges of investing in alternatives

Navigating Complexities

It’s a daunting task to select the alternative asset class that best fit your investment criteria & current portfolio

Choosing the right manager

Return dispersion is larger, the fees are higher, and you are locked up for longer compared to liquid investments

Integrating sustainability

Sustainability has low priority and is badly integrated in the investment process at most alternative investment managers

Staying in control

Low-quality reporting, complexity of closed-end funds and the inability to trade makes investors feel lost after investing

Adding value with AIS

Tailored Strategic AA

🗸 Best-in-class managers
🗸 Transparent fee structure
🗸 no performance fee
🗸 Lower minimum investments

Goal-oriented design

🗸 Maximum Diversification
🗸 Best-effort liquidity
🗸 Integrated sustainability
🗸 Flexible legal structures

Start-to-end management

🗸 Robust ongoing assessment
🗸 Detailed, transparent monitoring
🗸 Institutional grade reporting
🗸 Integration of existing investment

"Through AIS, we put clients in control, by being at their side for the entire alternative investment journey, start-to-finish. Goal-orientated consulting advice, expert investment selection, day-to-day management and ultimately running off, all become part of a seamless process. And, of course, as you would expect at Van Lanschot Kempen, sustainability transition is a core feature. In essence, AIS calms the waters, offering control in a complex environment."

Iain Brown, Head of Strategic Clients, Fiduciary Management UK

Flexible Implementation options for Institutions, Asset Managers and Banks

Impact investing through alternatives – how to manage opportunities, impact and diversification for asset owners

Tuesday 27 June, 10:00 GTM

Alternative assets offer investors a wide range of potential benefits: access to a diversifying opportunity set, and with it the potential for enhanced risk adjusted performance over time. But they are also complex. And as alternatives have grown in popularity, so too has the universe of options and the layers of complexity. Looking at alternative assets classes such as Farmland through the lens of impact goals, can shine a new light on the opportunities for asset owners – they offer the scope for real and measurable impact on E, S and G, in a way that is more tangible than through listed markets. Using Farmland as a case study, we highlight opportunities to succeed in this arena in our upcoming webinar – register here. 

During the webinar:

- We explain how we approach alternatives to achieve maximum diversification, realise financial return objectives, along with impact 
- We share strategies for managing these complex and often less liquid asset allocations over time
- We address the challenges of selecting appropriate managers, particularly with an impact lens, covering our key selection and de-selection criteria
- Case study: We showcase Farmland as an excellent example of a highly diversifying investment strategy with direct and measurable impact features

Sign up for our webinar

Specialist alternative solutions

Alternative Credit

Alternative, non-listed credit investments can earn additional return by taking advantage of illiquidity and complexity premiums. This asset class contains many types of debt instruments such as distressed debt, structured credit and direct lending.

Capital at risk. The value of investments and the income from them can fall as well as rise and are not guaranteed. Investors may not get back the amount originally invested.

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Daniel Whitaker

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Iain Brown Van Lanschot Kempen

Iain Brown

Head of Fiduciary Management – UK

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Vicky Casebourne

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Frank Jüdt

Director, Institutional Relations – CH

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