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Van Lanschot Participaties

A subsidiary of Van Lanschot, private equity firm Van Lanschot Participaties invests in well-managed private companies. Its management is carried out by Kempen Investments, a division of Kempen & Co, also a subsidiary of Van Lanschot. Kempen manages these private holdings at the expense and risk of Van Lanschot.

Durable relationships

Van Lanschot Participaties helps private companies achieve their growth strategies. Not looking for a controlling interest, it will typically acquire a minority stake. Since Van Lanschot Participaties is not a private equity fund, no time limits or exit pressures apply. If Van Lanschot Participaties chooses to invest in your company, it will be there for the long haul and will look to build a durable collaborative relationship.

More information

More information about Van Lanschot Participaties.