Van Lanschot has securitised a part of its loan book through RMBS (Residential Mortgage-Backed Securities) transactions. These transactions have been a part of Van Lanschot´s strategy to further diversify the funding profile.

Van Lanschot securitises a part of its residential mortgages loan book through two programmes. Since 2013, the public deals are part of the Lunet RMBS programme, while the retained deals are part of the Courtine RMBS programme.

Transactions outstanding

Securitisation transaction

Principal (EUR million)

Date of securitisation

First call option date

Courtine RMBS 2013-I




The Courtine RMBS 2013-I transaction is fully retained, in order to use these eligible assets as collateral within the Eurosystem. This is the monetary authority of the Eurozone, consisting of the ECB and the affiliated central banks.

Additional information concerning the transactions

Further information about Van Lanschot’s securitisation progammes and the archive of quarterly reports can be found at the website of Intertrust Group On Bloomberg, the transactions can be found under the following ticker: CRTIN Mtge.


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