Van Lanschot launches new prize for contemporary art

This spring, Van Lanschot is launching a new Dutch art prize, to be awarded to a contemporary artist whose work best captures the spirit of our age for future generations. The prize will offer the winning artist a unique platform in the Dutch art market, including a display of his or her work in Van Lanschot’s stand at the PAN Amsterdam art fair.

Why a new art prize?

Our art and cultural history are worth treasuring, and it’s important to identify what needs saving for future generations, particularly in this age of digital and intangible information. And so Van Lanschot is looking to find contemporary art that best reflects the spirit of the age.

Karl Guha, Chairman of the Statutory Board: “Supporting the arts has always been a key feature of Van Lanschot’s history and identity. We’re wealth managers; we need to understand the meaning of prosperity and wellbeing for our clients. Wealth is so much more than financial value and art is a vital fuel for our lives, both emotionally and intellectually. It enriches us and helps us pass on our emotional and intellectual DNA to future generations.”

Artists and jury

Members of the jury will be announced on 15 May. Eligible artists should have ties with the Netherlands and can send in their work until 1 August 2015 via (in Dutch only). A selection committee will choose ten works that best meet the conditions, with the Dutch public then invited to vote and a professional jury picking the winner.


Van Lanschot has collected art since its inception, but its art collection didn’t really take shape until the 19th century, when art lovers Godfried van Lanschot and his wife made key purchases that form the core of the Van Lanschot collection to this day.

Van Lanschot’s art prize is the next step in its new sponsorship policy, which focuses on supporting art and culture. The new policy was put in place in 2014 to reflect Van Lanschot’s strategy and positioning as a specialist, independent wealth manager.

Van Lanschot is the main sponsor of the PAN Amsterdam contemporary art and antiques fair up to and including 2015, and has agreed a three-year partnership with the Van Gogh Museum, sponsoring the museum’s new entrance scheduled to be opened in September of this year.