Van Lanschot releases integrated annual report for 2015

Van Lanschot today publishes its first integrated annual report. Presenting both financial and non-financial information in conjunction, it offers stakeholders a comprehensive view of its performance and added value as a wealth manager. The report published today is the Dutch version; the full English translation will be released on 19 April. The 2015 financial results were released on March 9 and can be downloaded on (Dutch and English).

2016 financial calendar

  • 18 March Publication of 2015 annual report
  • 6 April  Notice of the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders
  • 19 April  Publication of 2015 annual report in English
  • 26 April  Strategy update
  • 26 April  Publication of 2016 first-quarter trading update
  • 19 May  Annual General Meeting of Shareholders
  • 24 August Publication of 2016 half-year results
  • 4 November Publication of 2016 third-quarter trading update

Press release: Van Lanschot releases integrated annual report for 2015 (pdf)