Van Lanschot launches GovernanceScan

Better insight supports professionalisation of the non-profit sector

Non-profits are under increasing public pressure to be more transparent about their operations. With the Van Lanschot GovernanceScan, board members of fund-raising institutions, trusts and religious institutions can gain a better understanding of their organisational processes, allowing them to further improve their organisation.
Van Lanschot has a dedicated team of experts for the provision of financial services to non-profit organisations. Ruud van de Ven, wealth manager Foundations & Associations, said: “The non-profit sector is becoming more professional as a result of increasing legislation and regulation, reputation management and good governance. Board members themselves want to gain greater control of their organisational processes. By introducing the GovernanceScan, Van Lanschot is the first bank to enable board members of associations and foundations to gain a better understanding of their governance and operational processes. The results of the GovernanceScan provide a handle for entering into a dialogue with our clients about good governance and take action as needed.”

How it works

The GovernanceScan is an online tool covering topics such as the administrative organisation, governance, legislation and regulation, finance, and codes of conduct & standards. Board members specify for each topic how it is handled in their organisation and the degree of importance attached to it. Based on this information, a report is generated which provides board members with ready insights. The report might, for example, note that the organisation lacks an investment statute or that board members’ discretionary powers are ambiguous. We then discuss such issues with the board members and jointly determine any follow-up initiatives that may be needed. An organisation may opt for an extensive GovernanceScan and a workshop for the full executive team. This whole process enables organisations to prepare themselves for the future in the best way possible, so that they become even better equipped to achieve their goals.

Van Lanschot Foundations & Associations

Van Lanschot’s dedicated Foundations & Associations team supports fund-raising institutions, trusts, and religious institutions by providing advice and tailored solutions. Its services cover a comprehensive range, including asset management optimisation, governance support, and socially responsible business and investment. We also provide access to our extensive network of specialised accountants, among others, and regularly hold meetings where board members can share and exchange knowledge and experiences.


Press release - Van Lanschot launches GovernanceScan (PDF)