Van Lanschot and De Goudse sign collaboration agreement for insurance and asset management

F. van Lanschot Bankiers NV (Van Lanschot) and De Goudse NV (De Goudse) today signed the purchase agreement for the transfer of 51% of the shares in Van Lanschot Assurantiën Holding BV to De Goudse. Van Lanschot announced on 17 August 2007 that it intended to enter into a collaboration agreement with De Goudse. The operations of Van Lanschot Assurantiën will be continued under the name Van Lanschot Chabot BV. Van Lanschot and Van Lanschot Chabot have entered into an exclusive distribution agreement for a period of 20 years.
The collaboration agreement with De Goudse is twofold. Firstly, De Goudse will acquire 51% of the shares in Van Lanschot Assurantiën Holding BV. In addition, under the collaboration agreement De Goudse will transfer the management of part of its investments and the strategic advice on its investments to Van Lanschot's subsidiary Kempen & Co. It has been agreed that Kempen Capital Management will manage  350 million of the investment portfolio of De Goudse. Moreover, Kempen Capital Management, as strategic investment partner, will be responsible for providing advice on matters such as asset allocation, portfolio construction and risk management, as well as transaction execution and administration of the total investment portfolio worth some  1.5 billion.
The shares are expected to be transferred on 30 November 2007. The Works Councils of Van Lanschot and De Goudse have issued a positive recommendation on the transaction.
's-Hertogenbosch, 16 November 2007
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Van Lanschot nv is the holding company of F. van Lanschot Bankiers nv, the oldest independent bank in the Netherlands, with a history dating back to 1737. The bank focuses on three target groups: high net-worth individuals, medium-sized businesses (including family businesses) and institutional investors. Van Lanschot stands for high-quality services founded on integrated advice, personal service and customised solutions. Van Lanschot NV is listed on the Euronext Amsterdam Stock Market.
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