Van Lanschot: 2011 annual report published on website

The 2011 annual reports of Van Lanschot NV and F. van Lanschot Bankiers NV are available in English on the bank's website as from Wednesday 25 April 2012.

's-Hertogenbosch, 25 April 2012

Media Relations: Etienne te Brake, Media Relations Manager
Telephone +31 (0)73 548 3026; mobile phone +31 (0)6 12 505 110; e-mail 

Investor Relations: Geraldine Bakker-Grier, Investor Relations Manager
Telephone +31 (0)73 548 3350; mobile phone +31 (0)6 13 976 401; e-mail

Van Lanschot NV is the holding company of F. van Lanschot Bankiers NV, the oldest independent bank in the Netherlands with a history dating back to 1737. The bank offers high-quality financial services to high net-worth individuals, entrepreneurs and their businesses and institutional investors. Van Lanschot NV is listed on Euronext Amsterdam.

The press release can be downloaded from the following link: