Social engagement

Van Lanschot Kempen is an involved wealth manager. And we’re not merely committed to our clients, employees and shareholders – we’re equally committed to the communities we’re part of. In addition to providing financial services, we give back through sponsorship programmes, donations and pro bono service by our employees.

Van Lanschot Kempen Foundation

In 2016 we set up the Van Lanschot Kempen Foundation (VLKF) to enhance the impact of our social initiatives. The VLKF will deploy financial resources and our employees’ know-how to benefit a wide range of community projects. The foundation will pursue initiatives in the Netherlands in four specific areas: financial education and talent development; art and culture; healthcare; and social cohesion through sport.

Community projects

The Van Lanschot Kempen Foundation draws on both our own financial resources, through charitable donations, and the volunteering activities of our employees. A few examples:


As a Bizworld sponsor, Van Lanschot Kempen encourages its employees to teach children in their final year of primary school and third year of secondary school about entrepreneurship, banking and investment.


Van Lanschot Kempen is a partner in JINC, enabling our money and employees to help young people learn – through JINC programmes – about the world of work, including the financial industry, in a way that’s fun and exciting. Van Lanschot offices have been offering ‘flash internships’ since 2012 and Van Lanschot staff have been teaching job application courses at vocational secondary schools in Utrecht and ’s-Hertogenbosch.

Giving Back

Giving Back works with talented and ambitious secondary school students whose backgrounds narrow their horizons, encouraging them and giving guidance on how to leverage their talents. Giving Back aims to help these youngsters grow and develop into successful adults in Dutch society. In addition to providing financial support, Van Lanschot Kempen also makes active contributions to the Giving Back programmes.

Bank voor de Klas (‘Bank in the classroom’)

Van Lanschot Kempen contributes to Bank voor de Klas, a financial guest classes programme set up by Dutch banks. Most recently, in 2018, employees played the Cash Quiz in around 100 guest classes at primary schools across the country. The purpose of the game was to teach children how to handle money from a young age.


Basisuniversiteit gives inquisitive children an opportunity to research a variety of subjects, together with academics, scientists and experts in trade and industry. To date, Van Lanschot Kempen has participated in a number of these projects that both the children and our employees find very enlightening.


In addition to sponsorship agreements, Van Lanschot also simply donates cash to community projects via various channels, for which we expect nothing in return.

Charitable donations

In 2018, Van Lanschot made donations to a variety of causes, mainly but not exclusively to civil society institutions that fit in with the themes of our Van Lanschot Kempen Foundation.

Charity Committee

Many of our employees do a lot of charity work outside working hours, and they sometimes seek a donation for their particular cause from Van Lanschot’s Charity Committee. This Committee is part of the Van Lanschot Kempen Foundation.

Charity & Impact Investing Service

Van Lanschot rolled out the Charity Service for its clients three years ago. The service broadens and deepens our role as a wealth manager and is intended to advise our clients in the field of philanthropy. Since then, we have seen a growing interest on our clients’ part not only in philanthropy, but also in social entrepreneurship and impact investing. We responded in 2016 by expanding our Charity Service to include an impact investing element. We use personal advisory discussions to determine our clients’ wishes and needs in terms of social impact and then help them choose the most appropriate donation or investment strategy. For more information, see Charity & Impact Investing Service.