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Design Experience Centre - Challenge

Design Experience Centre - Challenge

Over de organisatie

‘Win 1 year’s tuition presenting the best design for the Van Lanschot Kempen Experience Centre!’

We are looking for students who welcome the challenge of creating a modern, contemporary, practical, and flexible design for our Experience Centre in Eindhoven.

De functie

Are you the kind of person who:

  • identifies with the description creative master of all trades?
  • is able to blend the old in with the new in a coherent design?
  • is able to design spaces where people can live real-life experiences (stimulating all of their senses)?
  • is able to contribute ideas that ‘ordinary’ interior designers would never think of?

If your answer is yes to all of these questions, you are the candidate we are looking for!

Below is a description of what we are seeking to achieve and how we intend to go about it:


Why are we looking for a student at the Design Academy?

  • We want to promote local business in the Eindhoven region.
  • We intend to leverage young and fresh insights.
  • As the location will largely be used for learning events, our aim is to link up with the learning component for students.

Which design criteria should the Experience Centre meet?

  • The space should be inspiring, modern, with a practical/flexible layout.
  • The design of the space should visibly reflect the objective of creating an experience that will promote and support the purpose of the meeting.
  • The layout, design, image, and use should at all times blend in harmoniously with the notions of timeless and understated elegance, peacefulness, and high quality.
  • We will use new materials and furniture as well as (historical) old materials and furniture (including through the reuse of our extensive art collection and pieces of furniture).

For which purposes will the Experience Centre be used?

  • Off-site meetings, brainstorming sessions, team sessions
  • Recruitment and selection days
  • Classroom training courses and courses requiring the use of a PC
  • Coaching sessions
  • Client events (receptions, networking mixers, presentations)

Wij bieden

What is the procedure?

  1. If you are interested in this project, please apply before the 16 March 2018 with an e-mail to:
  2. All applicants will be invited to an introduction to the location and the organization scheduled on Friday 23 March 2018.
  3. You are invited to create a design for the second floor of our Eindhoven office based on the criteria listed above.
  4. Please submit your design by 30 April.
  5. Van Lanschot (Facility management in collaboration with Learning & Development) will select the best three designs.
  6. The students who submitted the best three designs will pitch their ideas to a panel of judges of Van Lanschot, who will select the winning design. 
  7. The winning student will execute the design together with Van Lanschot.
  8. The winner will receive one year’s tuition fee (€ 2,000.-).


Which timelines will apply?

  • Application for participation:                                                             By 16 March 2018
  • Introduction to the location:                                       23 March (14:00-16:00uur) 2018
  • Design submission:                                                                            By 30 April 2018
  • Selection of designs and pitch of the best three designs:                                 May 2018
  • Start of implementation:                                                                             June 2018
  • Official opening of the Experience Centre:                                            September 2018


Client and Location management

Learning & Development

Mirjam Chamuleau

+31 (0)6 57 87 88 37

Bianca Koman

+31 (0)6 12 64 14 16