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Privacy Statement

We like to be transparent about what we do with your personal data. In our Privacy Statement we explain how we process personal data.

Summary Privacy Statement

Your privacy is important to us. We therefore treat your personal data responsibly and carefully. It is essential for us that your information is safe with us. Our employees are bound by strict rules when handling information and our security standards are high. We do not sell personal information to third parties.

Use of your personal data
We process personal data of all our customers and therefore also of you. If you are a contact person for a customer, we also process your personal data. We need your personal data for many reasons. To accept you as a customer, but also to be able to offer products and services. You can think of your contact details, but also of information about your income where necessary. For some legal obligations, we also have to monitor your transactions. If you are no longer a customer of ours, we will destroy your personal data after a certain period of time.

In order to acquire new customers or promote new products or services, we also process personal data. This often involves a limited type of data, such as contact details. If you are not yet a customer, we may process a limited amount of your personal data in order to contact you within a reasonable period of time. We will ask for your permission at that moment.

Viewing, modifying, correcting personal data
We like to be transparent about what we do with your personal data and find it important that they are correct. You can therefore ask us to view, amend, supplement and improve your personal data. If you do not want us to process your personal data, you can object. It is your data, which is why you can also ask us to transfer data to you. The law determines whether we can cooperate with your request.

Provision of personal data to third parties
We use your personal data for our services. Sometimes we provide your personal information to third parties. We only do this if it is necessary to carry out the agreement with you or to keep our business operations efficient. For example, we work with a party that sends mail to our customers on our behalf. We give personal information to that third party in order to do so. We ensure that your personal information is in as good a hands as it is with us.

Recording customer phone calls
We may record the content of telephone conversations with customers. We must do so based on legal retention obligations (see 'Legal obligations') and for training and quality purposes (see 'For training and quality purposes'). We may also record customer telephone calls to protect our legitimate interest in a file if a dispute arises with a customer. Telephone calls made prior to the establishment of the relationship with the customer may also be recorded.

We must also comply with legal obligations to provide information (including personal data). For example, to a regulator or other public body, such as the Tax and Customs Administration. We may also have to provide personal data to foreign regulators or authorities.

Do you want to know exactly what we do with your personal data? Please read all the information in the full Privacy Statement below.

Full Privacy Statement

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