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In this Privacy Statement, we will explain how Van Lanschot Kempen Investment Management (UK) Ltd. (Van Lanschot Kempen Investment Management), uses, processes, and protects your personal data.
Privacy statement


Read our cookie statement to find out how we handle your personal data processed through cookies.

Why Van Lanschot Kempen uses cookies

A cookie is a small text file placed on your computer, tablet or mobile device when you visit a website. The Van Lanschot Kempen website also uses cookies. We want to offer you the best possible online experience and use cookies to help us do so. You have a choice of three profiles: Essential, Basic and Comprehensive.

What do cookies do?
Cookies help to distinguish a website’s users, making websites easier for their users to navigate. They keep you logged in, remember your preferences – e.g. location and language – and website owners use cookies to collect information that helps them improve their websites. Some cookies capture your browsing behaviour, enabling websites and advertisers to find out more about your preferences and to tailor their offering to you.

Cookies are never used to store personal data such as email addresses or telephone numbers.

What cookies are part of the profiles Essential, Basic and Comprehensive?


•    Functional cookies

Essential cookies help to make a website more usable by enabling fundamental functions such as page navigation and access to secure areas of the website. The Essential profile is the default setting, as these cookies are vital for our website’s proper operation.

ARRAffinity. This helps us channel website traffic to different servers to optimise response times.

•    Functional cookies
•    Preference cookies
•    Statistical cookies

This profile includes essential cookies as well as preference and statistical cookies.

Preference cookies help our website remember information that affects its behaviour and look and feel. We use these analyses to provide content specifically tailored to you on the Van Lanschot Kempen websites and apps.

Statistical cookies help us understand how visitors use our website, by collecting and reporting anonymous data. We use this information to improve our websites and apps.

_ga [x2]. This assigns a unique ID to generate statistical data about how visitors use our website.

•    Functional cookies
•    Marketing cookies

This profile includes all essential cookies alongside marketing cookies. The latter type of cookies may be used to follow visitors accessing external websites, with the aim to feature ads tailored and relevant to individual users based on the pages visited on our website. Users will remain anonymous to Van Lanschot Kempen.

HRL8 This is used to collect data about a user’s visits to our website, including what pages they accessed. Recorded data are used for targeted ads.

What happens when you click on OK?
By clicking on OK you give us permission to place certain types of cookie. If you do not give permission, we place a “no-follow cookie”, which ensures that we only place cookies on your computer or mobile device that are essential for our website to function properly. No permission is required for the Essential profile.

Can cookies be turned off?
Yes, you can opt to turn cookies on or off. This does not apply to the Essential profile, as our website cannot run properly without functional cookies. We feel a user-friendly website to be essential, which is why you cannot turn off these cookies.

Changing cookie settings in your browser
Cookies are saved onto your computer. If you don’t want any cookies, you can adjust the settings of your browser to warn you that cookies are about to be placed. You can also set it to refuse all cookies or just those of third parties, and you can remove cookies already there. Note that you’ll have to do this for all browsers, computers and devices separately.

Please be aware that our website might not work properly if you reject cookies and that you will not have access to all the options offered by the website. Cookies enable you to view the website properly and are essential for you to be able to use Online Banking.

Different browsers have different ways of changing settings. Consult your browser’s guide or help function, or click on one of these links to find out more: Microsoft EdgeMozilla FirefoxGoogle Chrome. And you can always go to to disable cookies from specific websites.

How does Van Lanschot Kempen handle your personal data?
Van Lanschot Kempen does everything it can to safeguard your privacy. Our Privacy Statement (at the top of this page) details how we handle your data.
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