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a.s.r. and Van Lanschot Kempen to enter into a partnership agreement for a.s.r.’s investment accounts

a.s.r. bank, part of ASR Nederland N.V., and Van Lanschot Kempen announce a partnership agreement. This agreement serves to allow well over 15,000 customers, with an investment account with a.s.r. bank, the opportunity to switch to Evi van Lanschot (Evi) at no cost. This partnership is the final step for a.s.r. in the phasing out of its banking activities.

Van Lanschot Kempen to recognise a goodwill impairment

Van Lanschot Kempen is to recognise an impairment of goodwill amounting to €35 million in its 2019 annual accounts. The impairment will not affect its liquidity position, CET 1 ratio or dividend policy.


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