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Professional Investor - Netherlands
Fiduciair management Van Lanschot Kempen

Fiduciary Management

Focus on optimising pension funds

Proactive partner

Pension funds find themselves confronted with enormous social changes that are impacting their investment policies. Changing legislation, sustainability and multiple decisions about asset management are just a couple of the issues that pension funds need to consider.


    It is essential for pension funds to have and retain control of their members’ assets. Our fiduciary managers specialise in developing asset management policies for pension funds, whether these are Direct Benefit (DC) or Direct Contribution (DC) pension schemes, premium pension institutions (PPIs) or general pension funds. We support them by listening, brainstorming, providing bespoke solutions, responding to market changes, offering benefits of scale and helping them to achieve their ambitions. These elements are crucial to a close, successful working relationship in our view.

    Investment results

    As a pioneering fiduciary manager with a diverse group of pension funds as clients, our size offers access to the entire global investment market and enables us to come up with innovative (alternative) investment solutions. Our goal is to help pension funds earn excellent investment results. Thanks to our open architecture and wide variety of investment options, we can construct customised portfolios that are perfectly aligned with the fund’s identity.


    Sustainability plays an important role, one in which the pension fund’s basic principles are leading. With our integrated approach and implementation we are in a position to advise funds so that their assets contribute to a sustainable society, including clear accountability for all stakeholders.

    Our team

    Wilse Graveland Van Lanschot Kempen

    Wilse Graveland

    Head of Fiduciary Management Institutional


    Britt Mulder Van Lanschot Kempen

    Britt Mulder

    Fiduciair Manager
    Robert Leenes Van Lanschot Kempen

    Robert Leenes

    Business Development Fiduciair Management

    Johan van Egmond Van Lanschot Kempen

    Johan van Egmond

    Executive Director Institutional Relations

    +31 6 57 36 45 05


    Caren van Houten Van Lanschot Kempen

    Caren van Houten

    Business Development Fiduciairy Management
    Andre Keijsers

    Andre Keijsers

    Managing Director UK

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