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Press release | 7 April 2015

Van Lanschot and Kempen Capital Management launch Evi Pensioen to help create wealth

New rules and legislation are changing the face of the pension industry in the Netherlands, with responsibility for pensions increasingly shifting to individuals: employees, freelancers and independent entrepreneurs. Defined benefits are making way for defined contribution schemes, and in the Netherlands special tax arrangements for pensions on incomes in excess of €100,000 have been scrapped. It’s time to take action on creating wealth for your pension.

A single solution
Van Lanschot and Kempen Capital Management have launched Evi Pensioen (‘Evi for your pension’): tax-efficient wealth creation towards your pension, drawing on the investment expertise of a wealth manager. To supplement any pension accrued with employers, Evi Pensioen offers a single pension solution:

  • Evi Pensioenbeleggen (‘Evi pension investment’): a gross scheme taxed in Box 1 of the Dutch tax system, including tax relief on annuity premiums for people with incomes up to €100,000 who face a pension shortfall;
  • Evi Netto Pensioenbeleggen (‘Evi net pension investment’): a net scheme with Box 3 exemption for people with incomes in excess of €100,000.

Richard Bruens, member of Van Lanschot’s Statutory Board responsible for Private Banking, comments: “Very few people succeed in giving their pension creation the time and attention it really needs – yet doing so has become even more important than ever. Evi Pensioen helps lighten the burden of entrepreneurs, the self-employed and employees when it comes to creating and preserving their pension wealth.”

Paul Gerla, Director of Kempen Capital Management, says: “Evi Pensioen is a flexible, easy and well-diversified investment solution designed to help people attain their long-term objectives.”

Evi Pensioen is now available to companies and special interest groups that would like to offer the pension solution to their employees or members. The online version for private individuals is set to be launched in the second half of 2015, and this solution is perfectly suited to self-employed workers who’d like to make the most of available Dutch tax arrangements.

Flexible pensions creation
Evi Pensioen helps to create a pension that offers tax relief and automatically follows a life-cycle structure. As well as offering choice and diversification across pension providers, Evi Pensioen also comes with an investment account that helps to preserve wealth in the event of death and offers individuals flexibility when changing jobs.

Quality and transparent cost structure
Evi shares its knowledge as efficiently as possible and so prevents unnecessary costs, which is why it will run almost completely online. What’s more, Evi breaks down costs so that clients know exactly what they’re paying.

Evi Pensioen charges fixed costs of €49 a year plus an average 0.85% of invested assets for the costs of managing the investment funds. People who have Evi Pensioen via their employers or special interest groups enjoy group discounts.

You'll find the costs and features (aimed at employers in particular) at, where the relevant product services documents and financial information leaflets are also available.


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