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Press release | 16 January 2024

Mercier Vanderlinden and Van Lanschot Belgium to continue as Mercier Van Lanschot

Published: 8.30 CET 


New combine a top private banking player in Belgium

January 2024 has seen Mercier Van Lanschot launched as a new brand in the Belgian wealth management market, following the tie-up of Van Lanschot Belgium and Mercier Vanderlinden. With €10.5 billion in assets under management (AuM) in the third quarter of 2023, the new combine is one of Belgium’s leading private banks. Its ambition is to continue its growth momentum, with Mercier Vanderlinden and Van Lanschot Belgium having between them achieved net AuM inflows of €0.6 billion in the first three quarters of 2023.


The rebranding to Mercier Van Lanschot is the final milestone in this collaborative venture that got under way in 2021, when Van Lanschot Kempen acquired a majority stake in Mercier Vanderlinden, followed by the purchase of the remaining stake in 2023. Sharing a single, robust vision of wealth management and wealth planning, marked by decisiveness, entrepreneurship and a straightforward approach, the joined-up teams have now merged their brands, strengths and complementary capabilities.


Mercier Van Lanschot offers its clients discretionary wealth management solutions and investment advice, wealth planning and family services, finance and family officer services, focusing on the long term and underpinned by a solid, stable investment strategy that is informed by pricing discipline, bottom-up fundamental research and conviction. The wealth of the Mercier and Vanderlinden families is invested alongside that of Mercier Van Lanschot’s clients, and in the same investment funds.


Thomas Vanderlinden, CEO of Mercier Van Lanschot, said: “Our new brand highlights our commitment to our shared vision of wealth management going forward. A single name and a single team provide clarity to our clients. By joining forces, we have created a wealth manager with a broader offering, supported by the solid company that is Van Lanschot Kempen and a network of no less than 1,800 in-house experts. Our mandate is unchanged: protecting the purchasing power of our clients’ wealth and growing this for future generations. And we do so together, as ‘investing together’ continues to be the tagline for our personal engagement. I’m grateful to our clients for their continued faith in us and to our people at Mercier Van Lanschot and Van Lanschot Kempen for all their hard work in helping us complete our integration in 2023.” 


Mercier Van Lanschot is headed up by a joint management team comprising Thomas Vanderlinden, CEO; Paul Timmermans, responsible for areas including IT, business support, client service and internal control; and Frédéric Van Doosselaere, whose responsibilities include financial, legal and tax affairs, HR, wealth management and investment advice. Stéphane Mercier continues to be responsible for the funds managed by Mercier Van Lanschot. 

The former Mercier Vanderlinden partners will continue to hold some 4% in Van Lanschot Kempen until at least 2030 – proof of their commitment to and faith in Mercier Van Lanschot’s shared future.

A Van Lanschot Kempen company
Mercier Van Lanschot offers its clients the best of two established brands in Belgium and builds on a tradition of nine generations of entrepreneurship, starting with Cornelis van Lanschot in ‘s-Hertogenbosch in 1737. Mercier Vanderlinden was founded in 2000 and grew from a family mandate into Belgium’s largest independent wealth manager. Van Lanschot Belgium has been active since 1991 and has since recorded solid growth. 

As a Van Lanschot Kempen company, Mercier Van Lanschot is part of an independent wealth manager with €118 billion in assets under management (Q3 2023) and the largest independent private bank in the Benelux region. Van Lanschot Kempen combines private banking, investment management and investment banking, is listed on Euronext Amsterdam and has a solid capital position.


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