Van Lanschot introduces biometric voice verification

Van Lanschot is the first financial institution in the European Union to introduce a new and even more secure way of client authentication by means of a biometric voice passport. The client's voice, which is uniquely identified, becomes part of the access key to bank data at the moment the client contacts Van Lanschot Client Services by phone, provided the client gives permission.

Richard Bruens (Executive Board - Client Management & Origination) explains: 'For Van Lanschot, security and reliability are of course of the utmost importance. Biometric voice verification is a technological development with which these concepts are strongly connected and in which personal banking is truly central.'

Offering voice verification is the next step in secure and personal customer contact. Commonly known verification questions which mainly consist of personal data of customers are becoming increasingly easy to retrieve. The Internet, in fact, has made it easier to expose this personal data. Van Lanschot is therefore constantly investigating how customer data and customer contact can be better protected. For this reason, it has been decided to add voice verification to the existing security measures.

About Van Lanschot

Van Lanschot, part of Van Lanschot Kempen, is the oldest specialized private bank in the Netherlands with a history dating back to 1737.

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