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Press release | 29 March 2022

Departure of CFRO Constant Korthout and intended appointment of Wendy Winkelhuijzen as CRO and Jeroen Kroes as CFO

Published: 8.00 CET

Van Lanschot Kempen today announces that Constant Korthout will leave the company on 1 September 2022, after having served 12 successful years as a member of the Management Board and CFRO.

Frans Blom, Chair of Van Lanschot Kempen’s Supervisory Board: “We are deeply grateful to Constant for his enormous contribution to the success of our organisation. During his past three terms in office, Constant has led the drive to build a highly robust capital position at a very low risk profile, and excellent financial results. As an all-round executive, he has also successfully engaged with many of our most important projects and functions outside his financial remit. While this is a good moment to welcome the new generation to succeed him, we will miss his tremendous experience and reliability as a board member.”

Constant Korthout added: “Over the past 12 years, Van Lanschot Kempen has made a seminal transition from universal bank to specialist wealth manager. In the process, we’ve rolled out a successful capital strategy, resulting in solid dividends for our shareholders and scope for acquisitions. It has been a real pleasure to help achieve this vision over all these years, and it’s now time for the next phase in my working life. It fills me with pride that my successors come from within our very own organisation, and I wish them every success.”

Constant Korthout’s third term as a member of the Management Board and CFRO will end at the close of the Annual General Meeting to be held on 25 May 2022. To facilitate a smooth transfer of his duties to his successors, the Supervisory Board intends to reappoint Constant Korthout until 1 September 2022.

In a parallel track, Van Lanschot Kempen’s Supervisory Board has decided to split the position of CFRO into two separate positions as of 1 September 2022: Chief Risk Officer (CRO) and Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

Appointing Wendy Winkelhuijzen as CRO

The Supervisory Board intends to appoint Wendy Winkelhuijzen as a member of the Management Board and as CRO, effective 1 September 2022. Having first joined Van Lanschot Kempen in 2001 as a corporate finance analyst, Wendy has held a range of positions within the organisation, including as a member of the Private and Business Banking management team, as a member of the team guiding Van Lanschot Kempen’s strategic review in 2013 and as Investor Relations Manager. She currently serves as Managing Director of Strategy & Corporate Development.

Appointing Jeroen Kroes as CFO

The Supervisory Board intends to appoint Jeroen Kroes as a member of the Management Board and as CFO, effective 1 September 2022. Jeroen has been with Van Lanschot Kempen for well over 25 years and he also joined as a corporate finance analyst. Since then, he has held various positions within the organisation: following a lengthy stretch at Corporate Finance, he was appointed project leader of the 2013 strategic review and then went on to take up his current post as Managing Director of Finance, Reporting & Control.

Frans Blom commented: “The Supervisory Board is absolutely delighted with the appointments of Wendy Winkelhuijzen as Van Lanschot Kempen’s new CRO and Jeroen Kroes as its new CFO. Wendy has clear views which she’s able to put across very tactfully; she is analytical, disciplined, meticulous and effective in everything she does. Jeroen has a great sense of what’s going on in our business, is highly approachable and caring, and is a real team player. Having two such excellent candidates from within our own organisation, gives us great confidence in our future.”

Wendy Winkelhuijzen said: “Over the past few years, we’ve worked really hard to further enhance our compliance and risk functions, and creating a separate CRO position fits into this really well. I expect to benefit from the experience that our acquisitions of the past few years have helped me to build – and the sheer amount of focus on compliance and risk management this involved. Together with my colleagues in the various departments, I’ll be dedicating myself to ensuring an excellent compliance environment and an optimum risk profile for Van Lanschot Kempen, and doing this very much in close cooperation with our businesses.”

Jeroen Kroes said: “In the past decade, I’ve worked very closely with Constant and I’m very happy to step into his CFO shoes. It’s great to see how Van Lanschot Kempen affords us opportunities to do work that energises us, and to be given room to develop. I look forward to continuing our solid financial policies of the recent past, together with my colleagues on the Management Board.”

Van Lanschot Kempen’s regulators have approved the appointments of both Wendy Winkelhuijzen and Jeroen Kroes, and the Works Council has likewise issued positive advice.

The Annual General Meeting to be held on 25 May 2022 will be notified of these intended appointments and the reappointment.

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