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Materials transition

The extraction of raw materials – such as fuels, metals and foodstuffs – takes a heavy toll on our planet’s resources. There are dilemmas here, too: while concrete has a major impact on climate change, it is also a fundamental part of addressing the issue of expanding low-cost housing supply. Likewise, the production of electronic goods has a similarly negative impact on biodiversity, a large part of efforts to solve climate change are directed at breakthroughs in alternative technologies. Even wooden furniture leaves its mark on land use. The extraction and processing of these raw materials are accountable for over 90% of biodiversity loss and around 50% of greenhouse gas emissions globally.

    Our role

    Van Lanschot Kempen’s role is to unearth opportunities for our clients that not only address these pressing issues but also present exciting prospects for investment and growth. We aim to use our influence to improve the corporate behaviour of our investee companies, and to publish a new policy on a smart and circular economy.

    The materials transition in our own operations

    When renovating our offices, we reuse materials as much as possible – such as wall partitions and carpet tiles. Plus, all our old computers, printers, telephones and other hardware are donated to a foundation for the sustainable and responsible disposal of IT equipment.

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    Investing in the transition to a circular economy

    In April 2023, our Sustainable Equities team published a paper about Novozymes, a Danish company that’s innovating on the materials transition. A perfect fit for our investment portfolio.

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