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Professional Investor - Netherlands

Harnessing the power of active credit investing

Kempen Euro Sustainable Credit Stategy

Generating sustainable Alpha in credit markets

Our objective is two-fold: generating steady alpha for our clients, whilst protecting against the downside. With a 15-year history of investing in European corporate credit, our philosophy and process have allowed us to do just that, and we have consistently outperformed the benchmark. Combining our team-based approach with active management and a deep analysis of sustainability, we are focused on generating superior returns, without taking on excessive risk. 

Control and discipline

Generally speaking more control results in fewer surprises on the road, in sport, in life generally and so too in investing - For this reason control is one of the core drivers of our approach to investing in our sustainable euro credit strategy. We describe this as ‘Alpha by control’.

While we recognize that credit markets can be inefficient, we also believe that this creates interesting opportunities – so long as the right controls are in place.

Webinar: ‘Alpha by control’ – it’s a team game

Tuesday 20 June, 10:00 CET

Credit markets are notoriously unpredictable and delivering a steady investment journey over the long-term is a challenge for every credit investor. We tackle this using a distinctive investment approach we call ‘Alpha by Control’. While we actively seek out opportunities to deliver alpha, our approach is also optimised to control risks. We do this while making impact and integrating sustainability via engagements. 

During the webinar we will cover:
- How broad oversight and ownership across the full team delivers superior results
- Fundamental benefits of our distinctive top down and bottom up selection processes
- The positive impact of investing in sustainable businesses
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Fund library

You can invest in one or more of our strategies by investing in related funds or through a tailor-made mandate with our specialists. For more sustainability-related information, please refer to the sustainability-related information section of the fund library.You can also visit the fund library to find detailed information on our funds.
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Capital at risk. The value of investments and the income from them can fall as well as rise and are not guaranteed. Investors may not get back the amount originally invested.

Contact us

Isabelle Foy Van Lanschot Kempen

Isabelle Foy

Business development products and strategies – FR

+33 1 83 75 62 79


Mark van Wijngaarden Van Lanschot Kempen

Mark van Wijngaarden

Business development products and strategies – NL
Daniel Whitaker Van Lanschot Kempen

Daniel Whitaker

Senior Associate, Institutional Relations – International

Ian Penrose Van Lanschot Kempen

Ian Penrose

Business development products and strategies - UK

+44 20 36 36 94 46


Frank Juedt Van Lanschot Kempen

Frank Jüdt

Director, Institutional Relations – CH

Michael Schlieper

Business development products and strategies – DE/AT

Thomas Poulsen Van Lanschot Kempen

Thomas Poulsen

Business development products and strategies – Nordics

+31 2 03 48 91 07


Vince Verhoeven

Director, Wholesale Relations – Benelux

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