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Discovering Small Caps

Backing ambitious small caps with long-term potential. That’s progress through collaboration. We call it Kom verder.

There’s a saying in Dutch, Kom verder, which has many meanings including ‘progress through collaboration’. This hands-on style encapsulates how we invest in promising smaller companies. And it’s what we’ve been doing for close to 30 years.

When we find the right companies, we get to know what makes their leaders tick and this deep understanding helps us build concentrated portfolios. In this way, we support, challenge and help small caps achieve their full potential. 

Part of that is a commitment to sustainability. Because we believe that companies in transition are more likely to outperform their peers long-term. But this doesn’t simply mean avoiding controversial sectors. In fact, we embrace the opportunity to actively engage and guide companies to sustainable success. 


Opportunities beyond the obvious

We’ve been finding value in undiscovered small caps for nearly 30 years in our Dutch, European and Global strategies

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What about the small cap premium?

Small caps are currently trading at a discount to large caps, why is this? With many influencing factors, we dive into the details to identify the most important issues for investors to consider. We invite you to register to view the video session featuring Jan Willem Berghuis and Ingmar Schaefer from our Global and European small cap team.

White paper

Small caps riding the AI wave

Looking at our personal lives, it is not hard to see that the integration of digital technologies into human life is fundamentally transforming how we communicate, travel, work, learn, and conduct business. This paper examines how the increased use of artificial intelligence impacts the semiconductor sector and what risks and opportunities it provides to small-cap companies in particular.

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The evolution of Japanese small caps

Despite the Japanese stock market already breaking long-standing record highs this year, we believe there is more in store for Japanese equities, in particular for selected small-cap investments. The recent surge in equity markets has been driven by earnings growth and significant corporate governance reform as advocated by specialist investors like ourselves.

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Inside the European boardroom

Not all boardrooms are created equal – we share insights from inside the European boardroom gained over many years of active engagement.

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Relative Value Opportunity

These are interesting times for investors in European small-cap companies. There are twice as many companies there than in the European large-cap universe. But what we are observing are two extreme situations from a valuation perspective. Ingmar Schaefer discusses this in further detail.

Kempen Small-caps Strategy

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You can invest in one or more of our strategies by investing in related funds or through a tailor-made mandate with our specialists. For more sustainability-related information, please refer to the sustainability-related information section of the fund library. You can also visit the fund library to find detailed information on our funds.
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Business Development Products and Strategies – Netherlands

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Isabelle Foy

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Business Development Products and Strategies – UK

Capital at risk. The value of investments and the income from them can fall as well as rise and are not guaranteed. Investors may not get back the amount originally invested. Past performance provides no guarantee for the future.

There’s a saying in Dutch, Kom verder, it means many things and it’s our business philosophy. It captures the way we work with clients but also the way we steer our investee companies to deliver shareholder value through active engagement.

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