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Nov 2018
Sole Block Placing Agent
18.0 %
Block Trade in ERYTECH Shares


Sole block placing agent

Kempen is pleased to announce that it acted as sole block placing agent in the c.18% placement of ERYTECH shares

Transaction highlights

  • Kempen crossed a c.18% block of ERYTECH shares, facilitating an offload from a tier 1 US biotech specialist shareholder to other tier 1 US biotech specialist investors - both long term, quality investors
  • The block was placed close to market value, proving the buyer's long term holding perspective
  • Pre-summer Kempen placed several large blocks of ERYTECH shares amounting to approximately 15% of shares outstanding, combined, for the same investor with US as well as European life sciences & healthcare specialist investors. In total Kempen placed >30% of ERYTECH's shares outstanding this year
  • This smoothly executed block trade demonstrates once more Kempen's added value to European life science companies and its large shareholders, whereby low liquidity requires a specialist approach to accommodate large shareholder movements. At the same time, it also confirms Kempen's placement power with high quality biotech investors, both in Europe and the US

Company description

ERYTECH is a clinical-stage biopharma company developing innovative red blood cell-based therapeutics for cancer and orphan diseases. Leveraging its proprietary ERYCAPS platform, a novel technology to encapsulate drug substances inside red blood cells, ERYTECH is developing a pipeline of product candidates to address markets with high unmet medical needs.

ERYTECH’s prime focus is on the development of products that target the altered metabolism of cancer cells by depriving them of amino acids necessary for their growth and survival. The Company’s lead product candidate, eryaspase, L-asparaginase encapsulated inside donor-derived red blood cells, targets the cancer cell’s altered asparagine and glutamine metabolism. Eryaspase is in Phase 3 clinical development for the treatment of second-line pancreatic cancer and in Phase 2 for the treatment of triple-negative breast cancer. ERYTECH’s next product candidate erymethionase, methionine-gamma-lyase encapsulated in red blood cells to target methionine-dependent cancers, has demonstrated promising preclinical results and is being prepared to enter Phase 1 clinical development.

ERYTECH is also exploring the use of its ERYCAPS platform for developing cancer immunotherapies (ERYMMUNE) and enzyme therapies (ERYZYME).

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