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Alternative Credit Van Lanschot Kempen

Alternative Credit

Distressed Debt, Structured Credit and Direct Lending


Our three alternative credit multi-manager strategies – distressed debt, structured credit and direct lending – each invest in a diversified pool of non-traditional credit funds with the aim of generating attractive total return through both income and capital appreciation over the long term.


In our view: 
  • alternative credit markets are often less efficient and more labour-intensive than traditional credit markets, with, typically, higher barriers to entry;
  • for each portfolio it is possible to reduce overall risk by creating diversified pools of specialist credit managers with complementary expertise and approaches; and
  • each of these strategies can generate significant yield pick-up versus traditional fixed income.


Our experienced team manages, multi-manager portfolio’s for distressed debt, structured credit and direct lending. The team follows a disciplined, structured process designed to: 
  • enhance diversification and reduce concentration risk to specific companies, sectors, geographies or managers;
  • enable access to best-in-class specialist managers not always available to other investors; and  
  • deliver an enhanced liquidity profile for our investors, while giving them immediate investment exposure.

Capital at risk. The value of investments and the income from them can fall as well as rise and are not guaranteed. Investors may not get back the amount originally invested.

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Our team

Michiel Meeuwissen Van Lanschot Kempen

Michiel Meeuwissen

Head of Manager Research Solutions

Roul Haerden Van Lanschot Kempen

Roul Haerden

Head of Manager Research Solutions

Theo Nijssen Van Lanschot Kempen

Theo Nijssen

Head of Manager Research Solutions

Rayane Cheniouni Van Lanschot Kempen

Rayane Cheniouni

Portfolio Manager

Wouter van der Stee Van Lanschot Kempen

Wouter van der Stee

Portfolio Manager

Mark Prins Van Lanschot Kempen

Mark Prins

Portfolio Manager

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