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Energy transition

Throughout history, humankind has undergone shifts in its energy and fuel sources: from wood to coal to other fossil fuels like oil and gas. Each transition has seen companies move with the times while others lag behind. The challenge today is the speed at which the next transition needs to take place. To limit global warming to 1.5°C, renewable energy sources must account for nearly three-quarters of the total energy mix by 2050. Investment in renewables, battery systems and electrification is crucial. The scale of the challenge is vast, but it presents an equally immense opportunity.

    Our role

    At Van Lanschot Kempen, we recognise the transformative potential of the energy transition. We’re here to support our clients in capitalising on the opportunities presented – whether through investing assets, loaning green mortgages or driving electric cars. Together with our clients, we allocate their capital to companies that create financial and sustainable value.  

    Our climate strategy and action plan

    We our committed to help limit climate change. In this document we explain how we make our commitment actionable.

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    Our climate change policy

    To prepare for the transition towards a low-carbon economy, we upgraded our climate change policy in 2023.

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    Windmills photo Karsten Wurth

    Statement of urgency

    In April 2022, a group of seven Dutch asset managers, including Van Lanschot Kempen, called on oil and gas companies to step up their actions to counter climate change and limit global warming to 1.5°C.

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    Group of Dutch investors urges oil and gas companies to  take climate action

    CEZ: engaging to reduce emissions

    We successfully engaged with Czech utility company CEZ, one of the ten largest listed utility companies in Europe, on reducing its greenhouse gas emissions.

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    Malaysia Airport: flying cleaner

    Thanks to our engagement, Malaysia Airport became the first airport in Asia to incentivise airlines to reduce their emissions.

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    Exclusion policy

    We believe that coal mining and tar sands have an adverse impact on climate change, and that companies shouldn’t be involved in such activities. That’s why we have an exclusion policy when it comes to certain fund managers.

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