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Inclusion and diversity

Our commitment to inclusion and diversity goes hand in hand with our ambition to contribute to a sustainable and more inclusive world. We firmly believe that in order to reach this ambition, we need to foster an inclusive workplace where we value everyone’s unique contributions and where we make the most of our combined talents. Our willingness to seek new perspectives, value differences and adapt to change is key to the future of our business. That’s why we have committed to clear targets to help us move forward.

    Our approach

    We’ve defined five pillars to enable us to work towards and achieve our ambition for an inclusive workplace: 
    Five Pillars To Unlock The Potential Of Inclusion And Diversity

    • 1.

      Our leadership walks the talk

      We can only reach an inclusive and diverse workplace when leadership is truly committed to not just talking the talk, but also walking the walk.
    • 2.

      We attract, hire and retain diverse talent 

      To build the best possible teams, we need to attract a more diverse pool of talent, ensure equal opportunities and support employee development.
    • 3.

      We offer flexible and inclusive labour and working conditions

      To give space to our employees to express their personal identities and meet their individual needs, we’re committed to offering flexible and inclusive conditions.
    • 4.

      We strive for a level playing field

      We believe in equal pay for equal work. We take action to level the playing field, by removing the less visible barriers that (prospective) colleagues may encounter.
    • 5.

      We aim to structurally improve our inclusive employership

      To foster an inclusive workplace, we need to promote open dialogue and listen to those who experience inappropriate behaviour.
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    Our inclusion and diversity policy

    We aim for inclusion and diversity not only in terms of gender, nationality, age, educational background, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, ethnic background, disability or distance to the labour market, but also across personal experiences, characteristics, socio-economic backgrounds and the different skills that people bring. Our policy defines our vision on inclusion and diversity, and outlines the concrete steps we’re committed to taking to get there.

    Download our policy

    Contact details

    Would you like to discuss the content of our policy further? Then please contact our Inclusion & Diversity Manager Laura Lee, +31 (0)6 22 84 32 02.
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