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Our strategy

Van Lanschot Kempen is a well-capitalised, profitable, independent wealth manager with a strong specialist position and a long heritage. We believe that our personal, client-focused approach, knowledge and experience, and our unique combination of activities set us apart from our competitors in our selected market segments, while offering growth opportunities.

    Supported by our strong client relationships, our strategic ambition is to generate sustainable and profitable growth, while maintaining a capital-light balance sheet. We aim to grow 10% in assets under management per year, reflecting organic growth, growth by acquisition and market performance.

    Our strategic pillars

    To enable us to reach our strategic ambition, we have defined five strategic pillars – all of which are interlinked and mutually reinforce each other.


    Accelerate growth organically and inorganically 
    To remain relevant for our clients and accelerate our organic growth, we must truly understand our clients, anticipate their needs and help them to fulfil these in a sustainable manner. Instead of searching for a single product or a specific brand, clients are looking for solutions that fulfil multiple needs.

    In recent years, we've successfully expanded our activities and broadened our client offering through selective bolt-on acquisitions, partnerships and hiring teams. We will focus on acquisition opportunities that support our positioning as a specialist player while keeping a balanced asset mix and a capital light balance sheet. We follow a disciplined approach focused on limiting risks, successful integration and maintaining client relationships.

    Five strategic pillars Van Lanschot Kempen

    Advance through digitalisation and advanced analytics 
    Changes in clients’ needs and economic developments require us to react quickly. Technology allows us to improve our productivity and service, by speeding up processes, reducing operational errors and improving the availability and quality of data. Digital interaction is crucial as it offers both clients and employees increased flexibility while we maintain our personal approach. We collect and interpret data in order to make data-driven decisions in commercial, investment and operational processes. We continue to invest significantly in these areas with a focus on innovation as well as data security.

    Achieve our sustainability ambitions 
    Being a wealth manager with a long-term focus means that we proactively strive to prevent negative consequences for all stakeholders, while aiming to create positive long-term financial and non-financial value. We’re focused on helping our clients navigate through the three fundamental transitions of our era – in energy, food and materials – with an active, engaged approach based on our strong investment principles. In line with our entrepreneurial approach, we push for measurable improvement in the short and long term. Our ambition is to reduce our carbon footprint by 50% by 2030. Year on year, this means we’re aiming for a 7% reduction in carbon emissions in our funds, discretionary management solutions and own operations.

    Act as one to leverage our full potential 
    Within Van Lanschot Kempen we are connected by our purpose and four values: personal, specialised, entrepreneurial and decisive. We aim to offer all our clients, colleagues and other stakeholders a similar and recognisable experience when they do business with us. Our brand reflects the different activities we combine.

    In order to unlock the full potential of our solutions-led organisation for our clients, we must be able to offer solutions that build on the knowledge and expertise of the entire group as well as our open architecture platform. We believe that by unlocking the full range of services and products from our specialists across our activities, we can meet client needs in a sustainable manner. 

    Attract, develop and retain the workforce 
    In a knowledge and service-based organisation like ours, people make all the difference. Their skills and engagement determine the quality of the client experience. We invest in our employees to help them be a trusted and specialised advisor to their clients, and also to embrace new technologies. We encourage continuous professional development. We’re also focused on attracting a diverse group of talented professionals to serve our clients – for instance. We believe in long lasting relations and therefore retention is important to us: we offer good working conditions, career tracks and focus on an inclusive working environment. As a testament to our mutual dedication, we give our people the opportunity to become shareholders in our company. 

    Organisational structure

    Reporting on our progress

    In our annual report, we measure and report on our progress against our strategic pillars as well as our financial and non-financial KPIs and targets. Looking for a detailed, integrated overview of our performance? 
    Download our 2022 annual report

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