Stewardship and Sustainable Investment

Report 2022

Our Stewardship and Sustainable Investment Report 2022 presents an overview of what we have achieved in terms of sustainable themes and activities. For the first time, we are reporting on developments for our institutional, semi-institutional and private clients.

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Navigating through transitions

In 2022 we recognised that our three sustainable focus themes – climate change and biodiversity, living better for longer and a smart and circular economy - need to contribute to the three most important transitions of our age: energy, food and materials. These transitions can mitigate the threat that is posed to our planet as a result of our production and consumption behaviours today.

We seek to act as stewards, by helping our clients allocate their capital to organisations and companies that are part of the transitions, recognizing the winners and losers of the future in a timely manner.

Learn about our efforts in helping clients navigate through transitions, with a focus on the energy transition and climate action related engagements: download the report.

Our themes, objectives and how to get there

Our themes, objectives and how to get there

2022 Highlights

Our major priority is helping our clients navigate through the transitions. What actions did we take in 2022? 

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Message from Maarten Edixhoven and Lars Dijkstra

‘Worldwide, we are being confronted with the facts: climate change is threatening the viability of our planet. In order to survive, we will soon have to be producing and consuming differently. As a socially engaged wealth manager, we have the ability and the desire to contribute to the transition to a more sustainable economy. How our clients’ assets are invested is critically important in this regard. We see it as our primary mission to help our clients navigate through the inevitable transitions of our time.' 

Read the full message from our Chair of the Management Board Maarten Edixhoven and Chief Sustainability Officer Lars Dijkstra

Sustainable investment for institutional and private clients

2022 saw further improvements in the sustainability profile of our flagship funds. We fulfilled on our commitment for a 7% annual carbon emission reduction in our portfolios and engaged with close to 200 companies to encourage positive change.

Our clients are making a difference through their sustainable investment policies. The fiduciary management team helps clients to translate their sustainable investment beliefs into clear objectives.

We aim to earn not just a financial return but a social and
sustainable return for our clients as well. In 2022, we placed an even greater emphasis on our focus themes when selecting our investment solutions.

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