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Covered Bond Programme

In March 2022 Van Lanschot Kempen established a € 5,000,000,000 Soft Bullet Covered Bond Programme, for public issuance which are secured by prime Dutch residential mortgages. Van Lanschot Kempen issued two covered bonds out of this programme so far.

    The first issuance took place on 27 June 2022 and the second issuance on 31 May 2023. Further issuances will also take place out of this programme.

    Apart from the Soft Bullet Covered Bond Programme, Van Lanschot Kempen also maintains two Conditional Pass Through Covered Bond Programmes, one for public transactions (established in 2015) and one for liquidity management purposes (established in 2019). Issues under the latter programme are retained by Van Lanschot Kempen at issuance.

    Van Lanschot Kempen is a member of the Dutch Association of Covered Bond Issuers (DACB) and all three above mentioned programmes are registered with the Dutch Central Bank (DNB). Furthermore, the Soft Bullet Covered Bond Programme carries the European Covered Bond (Premium) Label and the public Conditional Pass Through Covered Bond Programme the EEA Grandfathered – CRR compliant label. Issuances under both programmes comply with UCITS and Article 129 CRR.


    Soft BulletConditional Pass-Through
    Programme size€€
    RatingsAAA (S&P)AAA (S&P) AAA (Fitch)
    Most recent update11 May 202326 October 2021
    ArrangersVan Lanschot Kempen and RabobankVan Lanschot Kempen and Rabobank
    Asset percentage76%95%

    Outstanding Covered Bonds

    Programme*Principle amountCouponMaturity**
    XS2629466900SB CBP€500 million3.500% fixed rate31-05-2026
    XS2495966637SB CBP€500 million2.500% fixed rate27-02-2028
    XS1565570212CPT CBP 1€500 million0.875% fixed rate15-02-2027

    *Soft Bullet and Conditional Pass-Through Covered Bonds (SB CBP and CPT CBP 1)

    **The extension period is not included in this table.

    Final terms:

    Retained Covered Bond Programme

    For liquidity management purposes Van Lanschot Kempen holds a Retained Conditional Pass-Through Covered Bond Programme. These bonds are not placed by external investors. Investor reports of the Conditional Pass-through Covered Bond Program 2 (CPT CBP 2) can be found in the library, along with all documentation on the program.
    Go to the library


    Additional information about our Covered Bond Programmes can be found in the library.
    Go to the library

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