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Unsecured instruments

Unsecured instruments for institutional investors which have been issued by Van Lanschot Kempen can be found in the tables below. These instruments are divided into Additional Tier 1 Instruments, Tier 2 Instruments and senior unsecured debt.

    Additional Tier 1 Instruments

    Principal amountCouponMaturityRating
    XS1892756682€100 million6.75%Perpetual NC 5S&P: BB


    Tier 2 instruments

    Principal amountCouponsMaturityRating
    XS2388257847€50 million2.000% fixed22-03-2032Fitch: BBB-
    XS1739254255€25 million5.213% + Dutch inflation29-08-2033Fitch: BBB-
    XS1739253950€25 million 5.162% + Dutch inflation29-08-2038Fitch: BBB-
    XS1739253794€50 million5.111% + Dutch inflation29-08-2043Fitch: BBB-

    Final terms:

    Senior unsecured debt

    Principal amountCouponMaturityRating
    XS0232745074€ 12.5 million20 YR EUSA20 * 0,8905024-10-2025Fitch: BBB+

    Final terms:

    Private investors

    Loans for private investors which have been issued under the Debt Issuance Programme (DIP) or the Structured Notes Issuance Programme (SNIP) can be found on the website of Van Lanschot Kempen Markets.
    Kempen Valuations


    Additional information about the AT1, Debt Issuance Programme (DIP) and Structured Notes Issuance Programme (SNIP) can be found in the library.
    Visit the library

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