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Van Lanschot Kempen forest

Van Lanschot Kempen is the first main sponsor of StukjeNatuur – a foundation dedicated to climate-proof nature development throughout the Netherlands. Its goal? To plant 10 million native, climate-resilient trees, which will enrich our forests and make them attractive to flora and fauna. Our support will help the foundation to reach its goal more quickly, by planting trees at three locations across the country. This will create three separate Van Lanschot Kempen forests, each of which will contribute to a better climate, more biodiversity and healthier living conditions.  

    Maarten Edixhoven, Chair of the Management Board of Van Lanschot Kempen

    Contribute to crucial nature conservation and biodiversity

    We’re pleased that the partnership with StukjeNatuur will give us the opportunity to contribute to crucial nature conservation and biodiversity in the Netherlands. We believe it’s important to involve our clients as well as our employees: they can choose which forest they want to contribute to and visit it. StukjeNatuur uses a personal approach that resonates with Van Lanschot Kempen. That’s why they’re the perfect partner for our Van Lanschot Kempen forests.
    Learn more about Stukje Natuur

    Three locations

    We will plant climate-robust trees at different locations in the Netherlands: Chaam (Southern Netherlands), Arnhem (Central Netherlands) and Frederiksoord (Northern Netherlands).

    Chaam (Municipal Forests)
    On the Weymoutden plot a fungal infestation has developed, causing the trees to rapidly decline in vitality. We also see quite a few oaks in the neighborhood declining in vitality due to climate change and acidification. We will be replacing the affected trees here with new plantings of climate resilient trees.


    Frederiksoord (Weldadigheid Foundation)
    This forest originated in the 19th century when a colony there offered the so-called 'paupers' the prospect of a better life. This was done by converting wasteland into farmland and forests. Now we are going to make this forest more biodiverse and offer perspective in a changing climate. In this way this forest will also be preserved for future generations.


    Arnhem (Geldersch Landschap en Kasteelen)
    The forests on the northwest side of Arnhem belong to the Veluwe, the largest contiguous nature reserve in northwestern Europe. Here we are taking revitalizing measures to make the forest more climate-robust and biodiverse.

    Partners in nature

    In a forest near the village of Chaam, in the Dutch province of Noord-Brabant, Van Lanschot Kempen and Stichting StukjeNatuur agreed on their new partnership on 10 May 2023.

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