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Van Lanschot Kempen Foundation

Supporting community projects for a better tomorrow

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Founded in 2016, the Van Lanschot Kempen Foundation is a charity that supports community projects for a better world for future generations. The Foundation puts to work financial donations and volunteering time as well as the knowledge of our colleagues, network and clients. Our employees are also able to seek donations for social projects in which they are personally involved. The Van Lanschot Kempen Foundation has ANBI status.

    Our focus themes

    We focus on five social themes in the countries in which Van Lanschot Kempen has an office and employees.  

    1. Sustainable living environment

    Our overarching theme and a key priority for our colleagues, contributing to a sustainable living environment connects us with the Sustainable Development Goals.

    Photo: an active afternoon, plastic (and other junk) fishing in Amsterdam's canals. Plastic Whale collects, creates and educates for a plastic free land and water.

    2. Financial education

    We put the wealth of our colleagues' financial knowledge to work in educational projects relating to education, employment, pensions, insurance and mortgages.

    Photo: colleagues give guest lessons at secondary schools about financial decision-making, in partnership with Stichting FEEN (Financieel-Economische Educatie Nederland).

    Financiele gastles

    3. Cultural education

    We think it’s important to contribute to the preservation and creation of our cultural heritage for people who don’t have easy access to it.

    Photo: Stichting Appeltaartconcerten, the combination of social interaction, music and apple pie works wonders!


    4. Healthier living

    Raising awareness for social healthcare by using our extensive network and expertise in the healthcare sector.

    Photo: Playing padel to raise money for Villa Pardoes, a foundation that facilitates holidays for families with seriously ill children.

    Padel voor Pardoes

    5. Social cohesion through sport

    Encouraging interaction between different social groups through playing sport is an important way to contribute to a healthy society – both physically and mentally.

    Photo: Onbegrensd Avontuur (Adventure Unlimited) enables people with a physical disability to visit the same environments as others – like De Hoge Veluwe national park.

    Onbegrensd avontuur
    Zuidas Amsterdam George Gershwinplein

    Annual report 2022

    "In 2022, in a new policy plan, we established our ambitions for 2022-2026. We have also included a sustainable living environment as a new and overarching focus area. With this we are fulfilling an often-heard request from our volunteers to give this important theme specific attention in our activities. Our thanks go to all the volunteers, who again put their heart and soul into the Foundation over the past year. In addition, we are very grateful to all donors who once again generously donated." - Godfried van Lanschot, Chair Van Lanschot Kempen Foundation

    Download the annual report (in Dutch)

    Our governance

    The Van Lanschot Kempen Foundation has a Management Board made up primarily of Van Lanschot Kempen employees, who collectively decide on donation requests and project applications. The Board currently has nine members: Godfried van Lanschot (Chair), Tim Louwman (Treasurer), Lukas Koppens (Secretary), Jacobine Gratama, Peter Hietink, Pauline Kreeft, Bob Stroeken, Folkert van Zanten and Nathalie Ouwerkerk.

    Nicolette Bok is our Foundation Manager.

    The Foundation’s Supervisory Board, made up of the members of Van Lanschot Kempen’s Management Board, is responsible for appointing and supervising the Foundation’s Management Board.

    Membership of both boards is voluntary and members are not financially compensated.

    Contact details

    Postal address: Van Lanschot Kempen Foundation, Beethovenstraat 300, 1077 WZ  Amsterdam 
    Bank account: NL23 FVLB 0226 6080 93, St. Van Lanschot Kempen Foundation  
    Tax number: Legal Entities & Partnerships Identification Number (in Dutch: RSIN) 856295693
    Chamber of Commerce number: 65868579 




    Sponsorship projects (where quid pro quo is provided by the receiving party) do not fit within the Foundation's objective. The Foundation does not donate to projects, organisations or individuals outside the countries where we have offices, nor does it donate to religious or political organisations. We select our own partnerships and projects. Requests for donations will not be taken into consideration.

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