Core activities

Van Lanschot Kempen builds on three strong brands: Van Lanschot, Evi, and Kempen with four core activities.

Private Banking

Private Banking aims to help our clients preserve and create wealth at every stage of their lives. Our bankers offer specialist services for entrepreneurs, family businesses, high net-worth individuals, business professionals and executives, healthcare professionals, foundations and associations. Business professionals are partners of accountancy firms, law firms and consultancies. Executives are members of managing board and supervisory boards of listed companies in the Netherlands. 

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Evi Van Lanschot

Evi van Lanschot is the online savings and investment coach of Van Lanschot Kempen. Evi guides new and experienced investors in the Netherlands and Belgium towards reliable investment, pension and savings solutions. With Evi, we can offer people with smaller assets for savings and investments a private banking experience based on expert knowledge and advice. 

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Asset Management

Kempen Capital Management is our specialist asset manager with a sharp focus and a clear investment philosophy, catering for two core markets. Firstly, Asset Management focuses on a number of asset classes: small caps, property, high-dividend equities, fixed-income securities and funds of hedge funds. Secondly, we offer institutional clients a fiduciary service that provides them with a fully comprehensive asset management solution based on their own specific needs, including strategic advice, manager selection, monitoring and integral risk management. Clients include institutional investors such as pension funds, insurance companies, banks and wealth managers, foundations and family offices. Van Lanschot Private Banking clients are an important client group for Kempen Capital Management.

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Merchant Banking

Our Merchant Banking arm comprises Kempen Corporate Finance and Kempen Securities. Kempen Corporate Finance has leading positions in its niches (European Real Estate, Life Sciences, Benelux Corporates and Financial Institutions & FinTech) and offers specialist services in areas such as securities, mergers and acquisitions, capital market transactions and debt advisory services. Working within the same niches, Kempen Securities provides analyst research for listed companies and provides liquidity to international institutional investors.

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Act as one

Private Banking, Evi, Asset Management and Merchant Banking together form our integrated wealth management proposition for private, institutional and corporate clients. Our Private Banking, Evi and Asset Management units, for example, share the same investment philosophy and strategies, thus enabling our private clients to benefit from the same specialist expertise as do some of the biggest investors in the world. Merchant Banking provides solutions to Private Banking clients in the shape of structured investments underpinned by debt securities issues by Van Lanschot Kempen.