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Cookie information

A ‘cookie’ is a small text file placed on your computer, tablet or mobile device when you visit a website. The Van Lanschot Kempen website also uses cookies. Read on to find out why we do so and when, or go to Change cookie settings to indicate your permission to place different types of cookies. If you disable cookies, we’ll assign a ‘no-follow’ attribute, which means we’ll only place cookies on your computer or device that are necessary for the website to actually work – and that require no agreement on your part.

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What do cookies do?

Cookies help to distinguish a website’s users, making websites easier for their users to navigate. They keep you logged in, remember your preferences – e.g. locations, language – and keep your picks in your shopping cart for you when you shop online. Website owners use cookies to collect information that helps them improve their websites, while some cookies also capture your browsing behaviour – enabling websites and advertisers to find out more about your preferences and to tailor their offering to you.

Cookies are anonymous: they’re never used to store personal data such as email addresses or telephone numbers.

Who places cookies?

Cookies are placed by the website you visit or by other websites managing the content that shows on the webpage you’re visiting, such as advertisers.

Why does Van Lanschot Kempen use cookies?

We want you to be able to make the best possible use of our website, and to do this we place three types of cookies: functional or essential cookies, cookies that help us collect information about how the website is used and cookies enabling us to provide you with specific information.

Cookies to help the website work properly

Some cookies are essential for the website to work properly. Van Lanschot Online Banking, for example, uses cookies to check whether you’re logged in and to recognise you as the same user if you go to a different page within Online Banking, keeping you logged in. By placing a cookie on your computer we remember your user name and make the log-in process faster on subsequent visits. It goes without saying that we’ll never store passwords or private information.

Cookies to enable research into the website

We use cookies to improve our website. Using Google Analytics software, we check how often people visit what web pages, where they spend the longest part of their visit, whether and at what point they give up when completing a form, what search options they use, etc. These reports are not traced to individuals.

Profile cookies

We also use cookies that reveal information about you as a user, both on our own website and on external websites. This allows us to show information consistent with your earlier visit to our website.

Can I disable cookies?

Yes, you can. Go to the Change cookie settings link above to disable cookies specific to this website.

Changing cookie settings in your browser

Cookies are saved onto your computer or device. If you don’t want any cookies, you can adjust the settings of your browser to warn you that cookies are about to be placed. You can also set it to refuse all cookies or just those of third parties, and you can remove cookies already there. Note that you’ll have to do this for all browsers, computers and devices separately.

Please be aware that the website might not work properly if you reject cookies and that you will not have access to all the options offered by the website. Cookies enable you to view the website properly and are essential for you to be able to use Van Lanschot Online Banking.

Different browsers have different ways of changing settings. Consult your browser’s guide or help function, or click on one of these links to find out more: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome. And you can always go to to disable cookies from specific websites.

How does Van Lanschot Kempen handle your personal data?

Van Lanschot Kempen does everything it can to safeguard your privacy. Our privacy statement details how we handle your data.