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Credit ratings

Credit rating agencies Standard and Poor’s (S&P) and Fitch Ratings (Fitch) periodically review Van Lanschot Kempen’s creditworthiness.

Van Lanschot Kempen continuously aims for a high creditworthiness by using the balance sheet only for client related activities and by only taking risks it can manage and understand. This has resulted in reliable risk management processes as well as a sound capital and liquidity position. The current credit ratings of Van Lanschot Kempen therefore reflect our healthy capital and funding position and low risk profile.


  S&P Fitch
Long-term credit rating BBB+ BBB+
Outlook long-term credit rating Stable outlook Stable outlook
Short-term credit rating A-2 F2
Press release 15-09-2017 23-08-2018
Latest rating report 19-07-2018 24-05-2018

For further information on the ratings and methodologies used, please visit the websites of the rating agencies.