Covered Bond Programme

In March 2015 Van Lanschot Kempen established the € 5,000,000,000 Conditional Pass-Through Covered Bond Programme secured by prime Dutch residential mortgages. 

Van Lanschot Kempen is a member of the Dutch Association of Covered Bond Issuers (DACB) and the programme is registered with the Covered Bonds Register of the Dutch Central Bank (DNB). Furthermore, the programme carries the ECBC Covered Bond Label and issuances under the programme are UCITS and CRR Article 129 compliant.

For liquidity management purposes Van Lanschot Kempen holds a Retained Conditional Pass-Through Covered Bond Programme These bonds are not placed by external investors.

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Programme size  € 5,000,000,000
Ratings  AAA (Fitch) AAA (S&P)
Most recent update 2 September 2020
Arrangers Van Lanschot and Rabobank

Covered Bond Programme

ISIN Principal amount Coupon Maturity*


€ 500 million 0.275% fixed rate 28-04-2022


€ 500 million 0.375% fixed rate 31-03-2023


€ 500 million 0.875% fixed rate 15-02-2027

* The extension period (of 32 years) is not included in this table.

Investor Reports

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The most recent investor reports of the Covered Bond Programme can be found below. Reports from previous months can be found in the library

National Transparancy Template

Harmonised Transparency Template


Additional information about our Conditional Pass-Through Covered Bond Programme (CPT CBP1) can be found in the library.

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