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Our perspective on the Fair Bank Guide

The Fair Bank Guide is an initiative of five civil organisations (Amnesty International, Friends of the Earth Netherlands, Oxfam Novib, PAX and World Animal Protection). They assess the Dutch financial sector based on seven sustainability themes, considering both an institution’s own activities and the companies that the institution invests in or provides funding to.

    2023 review

    We note that Van Lanschot Kempen has received higher scores for almost all of the themes than in the study that was published three years ago. This is in line with our own analyses and ambitions. We are pleased to see that our progress is confirmed by these scores. As an organisation, we have defined strict objectives for certain sustainability themes in our policies. Our objective is to achieve annual improvements, in addition to for instance our climate objectives for 2030 and 2050. 

    In 2023 we will continue to implement our sustainability strategies focusing on the energy, food and material transitions.
    A comprehensive overview of our sustainability ambitions

    Concerns regarding assessment method

    Van Lanschot Kempen supports the intention of the Fair Bank Guide: making the sustainability policies and performances of the Dutch financial sector more transparent and comparable through independent review. At the same time, we are critical about the assessment method used by the Fair Bank Guide. Consequently, we do not always agree with the scores that we have received.

    Two examples

    • Our scores are compared with those of various Dutch banks, even though their operations do not always match those of Van Lanschot Kempen as a wealth manager. For instance, our lending portfolio is quite limited and the loans that we do provide are mainly taken up by small companies. We believe that we cannot always expect small companies to comply with the same reporting standards that we expect large companies to meet. The Fair Bank Guide does not make a distinction in this respect and consequently loans to small companies have a negative effect on the outcome of the study, while their impact is demonstrably small.

    • The approach of the Fair Bank Guide focuses on excluding companies. We are an engaged shareholder and aim to support our clients in investing their capital in organisations and companies that contribute to the transition to a more sustainable economy and that pioneer more sustainable consumption patterns and business models. By exiting a company we would indeed improve our score in the Fair Bank Guide assessment, but we would no longer be able to exert influence on these companies to change their policies.


    Other sustainability ratings

    In addition to the Fair Bank Guide, various other rating agencies assess Van Lanschot Kempen's sustainability performance. The approach used by these agencies varies widely, from ‘very broad’ (all sustainability aspects are assessed) to ‘very specific’ (only a few elements are assessed, for instance tax issues, transparency or climate).

    These rating agencies have unanimously given Van Lanschot Kempen positive ratings for many years. This underlines not only that Van Lanschot Kempen has defined a comprehensive sustainability policy that complies with all the international standards, but also that we have embedded this policy in our products and processes and provide comprehensive relevant disclosures.

    View our current ratings

    More information

    If you have any questions about the Fair Bank Guide 2023, other ratings or Van Lanschot Kempen's sustainability policy, please contact us via
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