Reporting and external assessment

Annual reports

You’ll find the most extensive information about Van Lanschot Kempen’s sustainability policies in our annual reports, which are downloadable here.

For the 2019 financial year, we present our integrated annual report, taking the most relevant sections from our CSR reporting and integrating them into our directors’ report. This allows us to present both financial and non-financial information in conjunction, while “Our value creation story” and CSR supplement drills a little deeper into the non-financial information.

Our 2019 report has been drawn up using international CSR reporting guidelines, such as those provided by the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) and Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), and has been assured by our external auditors. For a review of GRI indicators in our 2019 report, go to the bottom of this page, where they are presented alongside the GRI reviews of previous years.

Several external parties have reviewed and rated Van Lanschot Kempen on its sustainability policies and reporting, and their reports are also accessible on this page.

Annual Report and CSR supplement 2019

Annual Report 2019

Our value creation story 2019

CSR Supplement 2019

Previous years (2014 and earlier in Dutch only)

External assessment

Transparency benchmark

The Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs has developed its own instrument to measure the transparency of CSR reporting: the annual Transparency Benchmark (TBM). In 2019, our 2018 CSR Report earned us 10th place in a league table of 487 entrants. The TBM is carried out once every two years, the next one will measure the 2020 Annual Report.


Dutch research company Sustainalytics reviews companies across the world on their sustainability, typically for clients such as institutional investors, banks and asset managers. We are on the first place in our peer group of medium-sized banks.

Forum Ethibel

In 2019 the Belgian organisation Forum Ethibel carried out its seventh assessment of the extent to which Van Lanschot Kempen has increased the proportion of responsible loans and investments within its entrusted financial resources (savings and deposits). An audit over 2019 revealed that 94% of all assets on the balance sheet were screened on sustainability. The non-screened assets (6%) are difficult to screen, since they include tax assets, goodwill and buildings. In addition to this audit, Forum Ethibel also examined the implementation of our responsible investment policy. We received sustainability certificates for both audits.

Fair Bank Guide

The Dutch Fair Bank and Insurance Guide (Eerlijke Bank- en Verzekeringswijzer) is an initiative on the part of six NGOs to benchmark the ESG policies of the largest banks in the Netherlands. We support the intention of the Dutch Fair Bank and Insurance Guide but we question the chosen method. For that reason we decided - in line with other Dutch Banks and the Dutch Banking Association (NVB) - to stop participating. The NVB published a press release (in Dutch only).

Carbon Disclosure Project

The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) is a not-for-profit organisation that collects, harmonises and publishes environmental data. Van Lanschot Kempen affiliated to the CDP in 2014 and also supplies it with environmental data. CDP assessed our organisation with a B rating (on a scale from A to D-).

List of GRI indicators and an indication of their application in our CSR reports

GRI table 2019

2018 GRI table

2017 GRI table

2016 GRI table

2015 GRI table

2014-2011 in Dutch only

GRI-tabel over 2014

GRI-tabel over 2013

GRI-tabel over 2012

GRI-tabel over 2011

GRI-tabel over 2010