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Sustainability in our own operations

Practising what we preach

Leading by example 

At Van Lanschot Kempen, we want to lead by example. That’s why we’re committed to integrating sustainability into every aspect of our own organisation – from reducing our carbon footprint to promoting inclusion and diversity to championing sustainable procurement and community investment. We’ve set targets to make sure we hold ourselves accountable and practise what we preach.

    Read our Climate strategy and action plan

    Reducing our carbon footprint

    Our long-term target is to reduce our own carbon footprint by 7% per FTE per year. To achieve this, we’ve identified the main sources of our carbon emissions – such as company car use and international travel – and we’ve come up with initiatives to address these, such as moving to an all-electric car fleet and promoting train travel for international business trips. So far, we’ve achieved a remarkable 63% reduction in our carbon footprint between 2011 and 2022. Want to find out more?

    Read our carbon footprint targets, metrics and results

    Sustainable procurement

    Working with our suppliers is essential to achieving our sustainability ambitions. Not least, because we want to make sure they share our values and meet certain social and environmental standards. That’s why we’ve introduced our “five sustainable procurement principles”.

    Read more

    Community investment

    We believe that wealth is more than money. In support of our purpose, we contribute to the arts, sports and the sustainable transitions we focus on. One of our partnerships is with StukjeNatuur, a foundation aiming to make the Netherlands more resilient to climate change by planting millions of trees.

    Read more

    Inclusion and diversity

    We believe inclusion and diversity are crucial to driving innovation, fostering creativity and ensuring sustainable success. That’s why we actively promote equal opportunities, fair treatment and career development for all employees.

    Read more
    Signing Declaration of Amsterdam

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