Van Lanschot Kempen is in continuous dialogue with its stakeholders. Part of the continuous dialogue is our annual stakeholder event. You can read the report of the 2020 event below. Other examples of our interaction with our stakeholders are client meetings, client surveys, discussions with shareholders, working meetings, discussions with auditors and consultations with regulators such as DNB and AFM.

Stakeholder dialogue

The dialogue with our stakeholders is a key driver of our sustainability policy, as we can only truly take into account our stakeholders’ interests if we know what those interests are and what our stakeholders expect from us.

Our dialogue with stakeholders is also incorporated in our strategy and the Bankers’ Promise, which all Van Lanschot Kempen employees signed at the beginning of 2015.

2020 stakeholder event

On 6 November 2020, we held our tenth annual Van Lanschot Kempen stakeholder event. The central theme this year was 'Climate'. Given the circumstances related to the coronavirus (COVID-19), this was an online session. You can view the recording here.

Below you can download a brief summary of previous stakeholder meetings.

Materiality matrix

In order to assess which topics are material to our stakeholders, we conduct a survey every two years. The results are presented in a materiality matrix. This shows that, of the total of 25 relevant topics, eight are identified as material and are also of significant importance to Van Lanschot Kempen. We provide additional information on these eight most material topics in our reports. We have also defined financial and non-financial targets in the form of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for these eight topics. These KPIs ensure that the sustainability policy is firmly embedded and make the progress and results measurable, in addition to the regular information on all 25 topics.

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Materiality matrix Van Lanschot Kempen

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